About Us

The Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health & Wellbeing Hubs is a service delivered in partnership by Birmingham Mind and Creative Support. The service supports adults over the age of 18, under secondary mental health services in Birmingham or Solihull, on GP SMI list or having long term/severe mental health problems.
Through a tiered model of support, we offer a combination of Structured Recovery Courses & Therapeutic Activities. This is complimented by 1-to-1 support planning and personalised goal setting, to assist you on your mental health recovery journey. In addition to this, we offer a range of social opportunities which aim to increase peer support and build social networks.

Who are we?

The Mental Health & Wellbeing Hubs are delivered in partnership by Birmingham Mind and Creative Support, leading providers of mental health support both locally and nationally. The aim of our service is to empower each person to build the mental health resources, life skills & community networks they need to achieve and maintain their mental health long-term.

We work closely with Employment Services, Recovery Colleges, FTB, CMHTs, GPs and other agencies to ensure that individuals can access the right support that enables them to thrive.

What is the Recovery Service?

Our service is delivered out of our Recovery Hubs, based in Northfield, Handsworth, Erdington , Yardley and Solihulll. The Recovery Hubs offer a variety of structured courses and activities to support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. The service will help you to develop your own strengths and make sense of your experiences. This is achieved through a combination of 1-1 support, personal development planning and a range of social activities which aim to build your social networks.

What courses and activities are on offer?

Due to COVID restrictions, we are delivering some of our sessions online via Zoom, in addition to a small selection of face-to-face groups. Here are some examples of courses on our current timetable: Managing Anxiety, Gardening, Relaxation, Coping with Low Mood & Depression, Arts & Crafts, Walking Group, Understanding my Relationships, Cooking Skills, Reading for Wellbeing.

Open to all Birmingham residents under secondary care, including service users on the SMI register.